Hello To All Optometrists

Hello again, to all of the people who have read my first post. I am back now to tell you about a few updates. I started a Diigo account for all of my Optometry Articles and Informational Posts.


I also set up a Twitter for my Optometry related tweets.


Make sure to follow me for all future updates on this blog.

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Welcome To My Optometry Blog

Optometrist Joana Blog

Hello to everyone reading this. I am Joana. I am a Optometrist Living In Virginia.

This weather is really nice to far and I’m really enjoying VA in general. If you have any questions about Optometry, Please feel free to ask me on here or any other social media. I try to check my DM’s about once a day, so i should reply relatively fast.

There are a lot of other Optometrists In Virginia, which I would like to connect with and share ideas. I really like how many of the Eye Doctors here will have a wide selection of frames to select from. This makes things easier for the clients that want to have a type of look. The frames can be so different in some cases, this dramatically changes the appearance of the person who is wearing them.

Thanks for checking out my Optometry Blog. I will be writing more soon, take care.